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The db2look tool command generates the data definition language statements for a specific object type. This can be used to reproduce the database objects into another database, for example copying a production database schema into a test system. The basic command syntax is this:I am working on db2 to get ddl of objects. I have create new user with hunny name in windows 10. The command which i have executed to get ddl of objects in db2 is :- db2look -i hunny -w hunny -z db2look [-h]-d: Database Name: This must be specified-a: Generate statistics for all creators-c: Do not generate COMMIT statements for mimic-e: Extract DDL file needed to duplicate database-g: Use graph to show page fetch pairs for indices-h: More detailed help message-m: Run the db2look utility in mimic mode That will retrieve those same sequences for you, but through querying and you won't have to use the db2look utility to retrieve everything you want. Of course if you want the DDL, you'd still have to use db2look to do that, but at least you can then use -z better to narrow down you schemas or do a search to find the names that came from your query.